Streets of Adelaide

This is a blog of original photos shot on the streets of Adelaide

All photos are copyright by me, unless otherwise stated

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Photo contributions welcome!

  1. Elsewhere says: June 27, 20115:34 pm

    You make a mockery of Adelaide! Well done dickhead, you can successfully, without fault, amid increasingly fervent opposition, take a photograph…of somebody….smiling and attempting an absurd mockery of gang hand gestures! Oh my fucking god! I envy that artistic intuition! the ability to seemingly capture Adelaide at it’s finest, the poor chaps going about their daily work who obviously don’t recognize them being photographed on the same level of artistic merit as you, it absolutely astounds me. Please, take a photo, of perhaps, another person walking TWO dogs along a pathway! It would certainly vilify previous attempts to encapsulate the artistic merit of Adelaide’s inhabitants and architecture and present and innovative, enlightening illustration of the ‘real’ Adelaide! Bugger off scummy UniSA students! Shithouses!

  2. admin says: June 27, 20118:34 pm

    Thankyou for taking the time to comment. Its nice to hear a strong opinion.

    You can choose to interpret the photos on this website in any way that you wish. I think the “real” adelaide is the people who I see walking the streets on a daily basis. This site makes no claim to be artistic or educational. It simply is photos of people in public places, take it as you wish….

  3. Ben says: July 2, 201110:20 am

    fuck you

  4. Erick says: July 4, 201112:51 am

    Chill out, it’s only Adelaide. It’s not like we’re Melbourne or Prague.

  5. Pat says: July 13, 201111:11 am

    I don’t see what the problem is. If you have such a problem with it, make your own blog, and post YOUR photos

  6. Kara says: July 17, 201112:03 pm

    LOL. Controversy!!!

  7. thanks says: July 24, 20111:57 pm

    I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed looking at the photos on this blog. I’m living away from home at the moment and your photos perfectly capture Adelaide just as I remember it. I’m looking forward to seeing more photos and watching the seasons change through your images. Thanks :)

  8. central says: July 24, 20112:48 pm

    elsewhere’s right, sorry to say this is embarrassing. no regard for the art of photography.

    and i don’t understand how you can copyright a picture of someone without their permission?? i hope for your sake you don’t get taken to court, i surely would. if this god forbid gets enough word of mouth, im pretty sure its going to piss a lot of people off.

    its all just terrible, guest photographer is shocking, brave for putting your name to it let alone the website itself. admin should put their name to it.

    the photos in this website aren’t beautiful, substantial or have any merit,not even humorous. good techniques I guess. poor composition and the subjects far outweigh and any photographic knowledge that you have.

    what an amazing opportunity. its been wasted on someone with little to no talent, seems like just arrogance

    and “Erik” one things for sure, adelaide always struggles to be seen for what it really is because of idiots like this. too many hipsters trying to be something they arent. give it up man and close this thing down until you really know what youre doing.

    this website makes me laugh, go back to school.

    lets get some real talent to show off the “streets of Adelaide”

    ha ha what a joke… i thought that this was a tour guide thing….. sorry not sure i want to visit adelaide any more

  9. Dan Whitehead says: July 24, 20119:09 pm

    Central could you please elaborate on why I am shocking? I am all for some constructive criticism.

  10. Central says: July 25, 20115:01 am

    “dan” you’re the one behind this site? Jeez, get some creativity.. This site is sloppy.

  11. Dan Whitehead says: July 25, 20118:18 am

    No I don’t even live in Adelaide and I definitely don,t go to uni s.a, I just had a guest post of a photo I took whilst there and you stated above that it was shocking. Id just like to know why. You can see my stuff here I am completely self taught so I always appreciate some constructive criticism and you sound very experienced.

  12. Alice says: July 27, 20114:51 pm

    I just stumbled across this site and, having endlessly defended Adelaide as somewhere great to live and study, albeit a little quiet, this shows a very sad side to our city. It looks like two thirds of our population is homeless and fat, and the others are skaters or hipsters. I love the concept, and appreciate that this is your view of our city. It is the everyday people who make the city, but the empty streets and sad, bored people don’t reflect well.
    As for constructive criticism, maybe you could look at feature some of the work being done by Renew Adelaide and StreetDreams to show that there is a growing active side to Adelaide. And parkour isn’t an in joke you missed. If you hang around the festival centre there will be guys training there 2-3 days a week (always Sundays) and would be more than happy to tell you about it and let you take some photos.

    The haters are always going to hate. I think the comment from Elsewhere was hopelessly unjustified. It’s personal expression, not world class art. Just broaden your perceptions a little maybe?

    Good luck

  13. Travis says: July 27, 20115:06 pm

    Well, I don’t know what all the rage is about, I quite enjoyed the shots.

  14. Jake says: July 27, 20116:24 pm

    I am really enjoying the images you have been uploading. Keep it up!
    In regards to “Central” you are legally aloud to take photos of people in a public area.
    As shocking as it may sound to you, these images are good. They show Adelaide City for what it is. Nothing to special to the people that don’t live in Adelaide.

    There is no point going out to shoot street photography when you are only going to take photos of the same boring shit you see every day, which sounds like something you would like “Central”
    You kind of sound like one of those people that are scared to think outside the box.
    Also i wouldn’t be calling it “brave” because someone put there name on the website.

    keep the work up Streets of Adelaide!

  15. admin says: July 28, 20113:44 pm

    Thanks for the kind words,

    I just take photos of people that I find interesting. I don’t find a thin man in a business suit as interesting as a fat man in a wheelchair smoking a cigarette….

    Its already been pointed out that taking photos of people (even children) in public places is perfectly legal in Australia and yes I own copyright to them, I just cant sell someone elses image for profit without their permission.

  16. BJ says: July 31, 201111:30 am

    This site is so sick!!! I love the photo’s!!

    I live in Adelaide and this is what i see everyday. If someone was to ask me “What is Adelaide like?”, i would link them to this site. The picture’s are sick, the concept is awesome, just generally a sweet site!!!

    Good work and keep it up!!!


  17. BoBo says: August 2, 20116:12 pm

    it is ,something :) got no time for hatin.
    creatin something is always better than cuttin others down.

    just would apreciate it if you tell me next time you wanna publish a picture of me,
    even if its not for profit. i WAS right there when you took it.
    seemed a bit cowardly like you might be afraid people will ask you to delete stuff,
    which is a position you may wanna acknowledge since many of your subjects you choose are people who do not like the infamy that being homeless and mentally ill brings.
    people poke fun at these people on mass daily.let them know you are not just another happy snapper finding amusement in degredation to laugh at later on.
    also as a city dweller i know its not actually that hard to find
    trooooly F’d up people who really don’t give a damn if you take a picture of them.
    i just make sure i ask after if they dont mind being immortalized in digital celluloid,
    & show them.
    hell these people probably never even get to see pictures of themselves.
    a sticker in a phone booth was the only reason i even found me in here.

  18. Ajexification says: August 4, 20111:34 am

    One of my friends linked this on facebook and I kind of expected the norm, shots of the trams, the fountains, Victoria Square, The Convention Centre. However, to my delight I find the stark beauty and raw nature that is Adelaide. We can all take photos of the iconic side of Adelaide and claim that it’s the beauty of the city, but the beauty of any city, town or suburb is the constant ebb and flow of people, not structures.

    It is not up to someone else to decide if these photos are a mockery or amazing, because art is a personal expression. And what makes it even more interesting and exciting is that we can disagree and not like something and say something about it. But to slam something without actually having a reason, just because someone neglects to try to understand or form an opinion other than blind judgement is pathetic.

    I find all of these fascinating, I will add. They’re all so expressive of what lies at the centre of anywhere, and that you don’t need a permanent subject like a statue to define a city.

    Now most of that probably makes little sense to anyone other than my internal dialogue but seeing as it’s 1:30am here in this lovely city, I don’t really care. I look forward to visiting this site again, but can I suggest starting a Tumblr site? I’d love to share these with people and I’m sure that you’d be well received. If not who cares anyway haha.

  19. raf. says: August 7, 20116:10 pm

    It’s interesting….. but I think you need more bogans to make it really seem like these are genuine Adelaide folk.

  20. bryce says: August 7, 20116:42 pm

    in defence of the photographer, adelaide is a shit city, filled to the brim with wealthfare bums. if you were to take some photos of rundle mall, some photos of chinatown, some photos of churches, some photos of glenelg square and say this is adelaide you would be lying through your teeth. nice things only occupy a very, very small portion of this city. the rest is ugly and low density. the photographer takes advantage of the only consistently good thing about adelaide, that is that we can look at these photos and say “man i see this guy all the time lol”. personally i am waiting to see a photograph of the one armed cyclist i’ve spotted in the cbd a few times.

    • Ash says: September 4, 20111:36 am

      Bryce, to say Adelaide is a shit city is harsh. For one its welfare not wealthfare but your spelling is not the issue. To say Adelaide is ‘filled to the brim with wealthfare bums’ is strikingly bias to the fervent culture and diverseness prevalent. Adelaide has a very strong art scene, a healthy youth culture and a diverse, interesting population; as depicted on the site. To classify it as shit would be too look at it from a sheltered perspective, no doubt in one of the poorer suburbs sadly removed from the rest of the city.

  21. Ben says: August 9, 20113:44 pm

    Lyk OmG, ur fotoz r rly artistik n stuff. i hell fink dat ur fotoz of peeps smokin cigs iz lyk so deep n intellekchool, ya no? U do rly well at lyk showin da klassy side of RADalayde – ppl lyk us! we shud deffs hav hell intellijent debait bout politikul topiks sum time.

  22. Jacob says: August 10, 201110:15 pm

    Photo’s are great, keep up the good work!

  23. Forbes says: August 21, 201111:08 pm

    Haters are gonna hate but at least youre not trying to flog the city on some bullshit oprah winfrey tourism trip. Keep it up these photos are all good

  24. Harptdanger says: August 29, 201110:47 pm

    Wow, there is some serious hate going on here. I’m really taken aback. What is everybody’s problem? I hate to tell you guys what to do, but maybe taking a break from the Mother and the computer screen might be a good idea. Go watch a sunset or some shit.

  25. saxy says: September 3, 201112:57 am

    love the shots, saw the link on sb forums.

  26. Ash says: September 4, 20111:38 am

    Love your work mate.
    I think people are forgetting the virtue of candid photography. Asking someone if you can take the photo removes its naturalness and therefore beauty.
    I would love it if you took a moment to check out some of my work.

    Keep it up, don’t let those who are too concerned with their own short comings bring you down.


  27. theclutch says: September 9, 20113:00 pm

    Only got problems if you make problems…

    dude, your work is simple yet raw. Keep it up, don’t stop. It definitely shows the real sub-culture of Adelaide. You desevre respect for your efforts for capturing these moments. Even though, they do show a slight “drity” side to Adelaide; however, it illustrates the raw, cotemporary side of Adelaide.

    Adelaide is what it is by only with its flow of distinct people.

  28. Josh says: September 12, 20118:10 pm

    After reading the other comments I felt compelled to leave one. First of all I became aware of your blog the other night from a sticker at Jive. Like Bobo said it’s much easier to be a critic. Unfortunately some people take the anonymousness of the web as an opportunity to be total f*%king a%s#holes. I don’t see why anyone could be so negative about your site or Adelaide. I think your doing a wonderful job of capturing the streets of Adelaide. Keep it up! The fact that you’re getting so many comments means people are checking it out!

  29. Trent says: September 20, 20117:51 pm

    This is grotesque.
    Why do I have to click on the dates to view each image?? A buttery-ass ‘Helperlink,’ would be nice. I thought this site would be dedicated to Adelaide skateboarding, why is it not?? NICE STICKER FIST PUMPER!
    Looking forward to your most favourable reply.

    • admin says: September 21, 201111:54 pm

      You’re right, i never really noticed. Web design isnt my strong point. I might name all posts from now on, maybe.
      The site isnt dedicated to skateboarding because not much interesting skateboarding happens in adelaide on a daily basis.
      To my knowledge im the only person shooting skateboarding seriously in adl and im struggling to get one decent photo a month…

  30. Amazed says: September 23, 201111:46 pm

    Wow, I cannot believe the aggression in some of these comments. If you don’t like the photos, don’t look at them. Simple. There’s nothing in these photos that any of us can’t see by walking around Adelaide ourselves, so I fail to see what the big deal is.

    Also, I have to agree that stating that “adelaide is a shit city, filled to the brim with wealthfare bums” is a pretty damn harsh and misguided statement. I’ve travelled extensively both here and overseas and frankly Adelaide in my opinion is still by far one of the best cities in which to be. If you think that the stuff in these photos is unique to Adelaide, think again. On a recent trip to Melbourne one of the things that sticks in my mind is sitting at a tram stop at the Vic markets with my two young children watching a man that certainly appeared to be, shall we say “socially and financially disadvantaged” and clearly very drunk, laying on the opposite tram stop bench, vomiting periodically onto the ground. Very, very sad to be honest, but hey this stuff happens in EVERY city. Travel a bit and perhaps you will realise this.

    It does appear that maybe the disadvantaged do seem to be over-represented on this site, but as stated “I don’t find a thin man in a business suit as interesting as a fat man in a wheelchair smoking a cigarette….” which is a fair comment and one with which I agree.

  31. chelle says: October 19, 20111:07 pm

    I have really enjoyed looking over your photos, I think you find beauty in places where people don’t normally look. As well as being an insight into Adelaide it is more of an insight into people’s lives and to the underlying cultures that occur in all cities. Keep up the good work and I’ll be checking back regularly.

  32. Thad says: October 20, 20113:08 am

    I was pretty astounded reading some of the previous comments. I found the photos fascinating, inspiring and honest. I’ve lived in Adelaide most of my life and whilst it is multifaceted like many other cities, it truly does retain a smaller community feel (which can both be embracing and open or stifling and [sometimes nastily] conservative). There is a great realism ingrained in your shots. That you prefer certain street scenes over rose-tinted promotion shots is true, despite this the photos seem quite unbiased to me. Keep this blog going at all costs, these photos are vibrant, interesting and unique!

  33. Miguel says: November 27, 201110:10 pm

    Just wanted to thank you for your photos!, your art really captures the oddness of Adelaide, a city with a harsh yet beautiful stamp of both sadness and loneliness.

  34. Benon Koebsch says: November 28, 20119:48 pm

    I think the photographer here has simply seen and snapped a portion of Adelaide city that captures his/her interest. Every city in the world has it’s dubious characters if you look hard enough, just like every city has it’s landmarks and statues. Everything is there for you to see if you want to see it, this website simply presents some not often seen angles. Thumbs up from me mate.

  35. sedge808 says: December 8, 201111:00 am

    Just found this site via a sticker on a wall.
    Very cool shots.
    Me like.


  36. Sven says: December 15, 201112:37 pm

    This is one mans view of adelaide, although I agree that some people can look at this site and take it as a negative view on adelaide, the fact is that the photographer hasn’t doctored or made up any of these shots. These people exist and this is their lives. Real life isn’t puppies and flowers.
    The fact that these people are being showcased is a good thing, not everyone is sitting in their comfortable home and being a keyboard warrior on their wirelessly connected macbook pro.
    I think the real issue here is peoples attitudes towards our homeless and less fortunate.
    The attitude of the majority of adelaides residents in regards to a whole range of subjects is absolutely disgusting and pathetic. That is what makes me ashamed of my home town most, not the people showcased here.

  37. Daniel says: December 16, 201112:06 am

    I am a Planning Student at UniSA. Beautiful collection of photographs.
    Cannot think of anything better that represents the amazingly diverse city that we call home.
    You can see suits anywhere in the world.
    However, your pictures show what is unique about the people of Adelaide; the ‘I don’t care’ Western styled attitude that has been instilled into our roots.
    I have travelled through places like Singapore and you would never see something as organic as this.

  38. Lily says: January 3, 20123:24 pm

    Your photos are fantastic. I haven’t come across another site like this for Adelaide and i think you’ve managed to encompass so many different sides of the “Streets of Adelaide” (perfect name to underpin your work) Your photographs portray a subtle irony and dry humour, which made me smile while i was looking through them. I often walk through adelaide and fail to take in my actual surroundings. Thanks for opening my eyes to the beautiful people and surroundings of our city.

  39. Anon says: January 5, 20125:34 pm

    Wow, wow, wow, WOW!

    Without me judging Adelaide in any way (and neither do you I think)… these are awesome photos! Every single one captures an incredible amount of untold stories, great technique as well. You should have a show in the SA Museum, honestly.

  40. Alli says: January 10, 20124:29 pm

    @Bryce and Elsewhere – it’s obvious neither of you have based your slur on facts or are able to spell correctly which is most unfortunate. Every city has a seedy underbelly and even people on ‘wealthfare’. And swearing so much just proves what a limited vocabulary you have.

    This site isn’t supposed to be a factual reality of Adelaide. The photos have captured some Adelaide streets, scenes and people as the photographer has seen them. As he finds a subject that appeals to his interests and photographic bent.

    You see, we are lucky enough to live in a country and age that allows freedom of speech and the Internet provides a vehicle for expression. If you don’t like these photos then don’t look at them. The South Australian Tourism website has lots of typical pretty photos of grapevines, churches and the beach if that’s what makes you smile.

    Feedback should always be given, positive or negative, but respectfully and not aggressively.

    I really appreciate the photos on this website. It’s always intersting to see what captures anothers attention. And it’s great to see young South Australian’s using initiative and following a passion.

    Adelaide is a beautifully diverse city and it’s a place I’m proud to call my home.

    Keep it up.

  41. Trev says: January 12, 20129:25 pm

    I just wanted to say that I am very disappointed with the way your photos portray our beautiful city. It seems that you have almost skewed perfectly normal people to fit into an unralistic view of Adelaide. Judging from your photos people would think that Adelaide is a cold, weird city and this can not be much farter than the true! Adelaide IS a beautiful small town, a great place to live, filled with interesting people, with plenty of culture and exciting activities to cater everybody. So please make your photos a bit more realistic of our town! Have you considered going to some of our fantastic world class festivals?

  42. Adam says: February 14, 20127:53 pm

    the problem is that if i was someone from another country or city and i was to stumble across this site i would be shocked at the derelict and seedy state of what many have known to be the “city of festivals”. now generally festivals and their cities reflect an incredibly positive nature and at least 80% of these photos show Adelaide in depressive light. in a nutshell, this site does not really show adelaide for what it is and i wouldnt wan to come as a tourist.

  43. Dave says: March 13, 20127:58 am

    Maybe you should add some wording or reword the title to state “street photography” :D

  44. Mr Sugar says: March 29, 20123:05 pm

    stop sticking your stickers in my club, thanks in advance

    • admin says: March 29, 20128:31 pm


  45. Sarah says: April 10, 20125:56 am

    Try again to post….I live in England, visited Adelaide last year (we have friends who live there now). Loved Adelaide, really enjoyed it, and I love these photos! They reflect the diversity of the city, and I don’t think they make it look seedy or derelict. Touristy photos never reflect what a city is actually like – so many of London show palaces etc! Yet we have many homeless sleeping on the streets. As all cities do.

  46. Bec says: April 19, 20128:52 pm

    I really don’t appreciate my photo being up on here without my knowledge… i did not give you my permission to even take the photo and would like it removed

  47. Craze One says: April 22, 20125:03 pm

    Nice flicks was worth the time spent.

  48. Jimmy says: May 4, 201211:47 pm

    NO, NO, NO , NO, Adelaide is not this collection of seedy, destructive negative biased portrays of lonely people. This is not the place I live, this is not reality. So potential visitors, be aware that this is just a very crafty, albeit almost impressive, collection of heavily manipulated photographs. This is NOT reality. Adelaide simply is not like this.

  49. SR says: May 17, 20127:36 pm

    This is STREET PHOTOGRAPHY at its heart, the website IS named ‘streets of adelaide’, I am in awe of some peoples ignorance, open your mind. NO where in any part of this site does it say this site is meant to showcase Adelaides beauty.

    Keep doing what your doing ‘admin’ don’t let these chaps bring you down, if it makes you happy thats all that matters.

  50. Bullion Baron says: May 25, 20122:14 pm

    What an amazing collection of the Adelaide I see every day.

    Frankie who does the sidewalk promotions on the Mic, the crazy religious guys with the big signs that always draw a big crowd of teens often ending in arguments and police presence, the electro keyboard guy, Adelaide Piano Busker, the guy that looks like a bikie but plays the flute… you’ve captured many of Adelaide’s buskers, degenerates and characters.

    I certainly don’t think this site captures the city as a tourist might see it and it shouldn’t be considered representative. But it captures how I often see things, as after awhile you filter out the boring people and tend to concentrate on those that interest.


  51. Schizophrenic says: May 29, 20125:26 am

    Wow what a great site. I can sit here for hours viewing these images. To me that are so fresh and real because these people are real. You have a great talent for seeing people and scenes many just walk past without turning their heads or thoughts from their destinations. Thank you for showing me the streets of Adelaide. I hardly leave the house so to me this is a window to what I use to live amongst.
    Keep warm. Rick!

  52. Teddyboy Ben says: May 29, 20128:24 am


    just read the article in the ‘Tiser, so thought I’d check out the site. No, some of the subjects aren’t pretty (but some are), some of it’s confronting (but it exists), but like the commenter above, far from home said, this captures a certain aspect of Adelaide that a lot of us have and do live and even, dare I say it, enjoy. It reminds me of times spent walking the streets at various times of the day and night, talking to people, listening to buskers of all shapes and qualities, seeing people make good and bad choices, and living their lives. Interesting that everyone comments on the homeless aspect. I didn’t think this part was over emphasised.

    I guess if it makes anyone feel bad, there are many ways to go out and try and help some of those whose lives are harder than others. I hope the misery of the people doesn’t make people happy, but I’m sitting here in a building in the CBD and I almost feel homesick.

    Thanks Andre, it’s a great record of, just as the title said, The Streets of Adelaide. To everyone else, either enjoy or don’t, that’s the beauty of choice in what is left of our democratic society. But that same freedom of choice allows someone to post these images.

    PS re copyright: In Australia, the person who creates the “work” automatically owns the copyright, full stop. You don’t have to “take out” copyright, it exists as soon as the work exists. Other than a few rules around how the images can be used and what is deemed a breach of privacy, Andre has the complete right to create and use photos. There are other ethical points that could be made, but that’s a different matter.

    In the words of Mick Thomas, chonk on fella.

  53. Meg says: May 29, 20128:29 am

    Some fantastic shots. Looks like Adelaide to me! If anything, the pictures are quite positive. Do people walk around blind?

  54. Great Work.... says: May 29, 201210:05 am


    This is a great site, I see the photos as art, and culture, i to take “random” pics of Adelaide when i am in the city of suburbs, it depicts our Culture of Adelaide, as versatile as it is. I see NO photograph as vulgar or rude, but “as is” i quiet often visit Melbourne and do the same there. If people think this is wrong go to another state and have a look around, Adelaide is a quiet City compared to others.
    I see your work as Inventive, random, but sensitive as well. In regard to to the comments of taking your photo in “public” that’s exactly what is is…PUBLIC, We as photographers don’t need your permission, BUT to ask is courtesy. ALL my pics on my website i have permission from the person that is the “MAIN” subject in the picture. if they don’t want there picture taken and uploaded i don’t, BUT i have a right to take it as it is “Public” Please read the LAW on Public photography people.

    Dam next time your in Adelaide call me up, i would love to go on a Photo SHoot with you…Coffee on me…

    Peter – PHPhotographics

  55. Melz says: May 29, 201211:02 am
  56. melz says: May 29, 201211:06 am

    Thankyou for making adelaide look like an interesting and dynamic place to live! You have ventured through the looking glass to see past the banal, homogenised dominant paradigm.

  57. Steve says: May 29, 201211:46 am

    Love your photos of Adelaide people. I am a proud South Australian and have seen some of your subjects out and about. This is Adelaide and I love it. Keep up the good work.

  58. Carmel says: May 29, 201212:11 pm

    A student of mine just shared your website with me. Wow I think you’re a fantastic street photographer! Your work is immensely reflective; precisely what street photography is all about!

  59. Done&Dusted says: May 29, 201212:41 pm

    If anyone is wondering about the legal aspects of this please read.. Get educated before spouting absolute rubbish..

    I’m honestly surprised by the amount of vitriol that is here.. The firstly, this kind of endeavor doesn’t necessarily have to be about ‘positive’ endorsement of Adelaide, this purely up to owners/contributors of the project, so they can reserve the right to do as they please as long as it doesn’t break any laws or the like. I’m actually kind of dumbstruck about what peoples expectations and what they are projecting upon this site- for something that up to this point in your everyday life had nothing to do with you. But yet people feel like this thing ‘owes’ them something like a ‘positive’ publicity moment for this city.

    If anything this reflects the ‘great’ character of a majority of the people who read the Advertiser or Adelaide Now- I don’t think actually do anything critically helpful.. This is a website is a document, it exists not matter what your opinion of it..

    I also enjoy the emphasis on the ‘hipster’ side of the conversation- pretty funny when the people making those comments would probably ‘instagram’ or use a toy camera filter on all there I-Phone shots or something like that.

    Here is a tip for the guys who are coordinating/running this project- shutdown this feedback process and just keep going with the photography (Definitely some good stuff happening here). This is a portfolio site, doesn’t necessarily need to be a forum for this kind of discussion which can just turn into rage page..

    U mad or u jelly?

  60. Jules says: May 29, 20121:45 pm

    Love your images. I work in the city and this is how i see it. More pics of victoria square, railway station, courts and central markets?

  61. Danni F says: May 29, 20122:06 pm

    As soon as anyone in Adelaide does anything mildly different/unconventional there’s always a bunch of absolute morons that have crawled across from having read The Advertiser or AdelaideNow and complain. Seriously go away and let people have some sort of freedom of expression without poisoning the fun!

  62. Sam Collins says: May 29, 20122:42 pm

    Some really nice work on here, thanks for sharing. It’s good to see someone presenting a side of this city which isn’t just the same old landmarks etc.

    It’s completely bizarre that some people get flustered about what they perceive to be ‘derelict’ or ‘seedy’ images. Aside from ignoring the large number of photos here which don’t even fit that description, since when did all photography have to be some kind of tourism advert? I applaud the photographer for going out and engaging with his community and the people around him – it’s the kind of creative spirit which South Australia should be proud of. I moved to Adelaide from London 3 years ago and absolutely love it here, warts and all. When people bleat about it not depicting the Adelaide they want to show to the world, it just smacks of insecurity; like a North Korean flunkey who hurriedly ushers visitors away from their crumbling monuments and abandoned hospitals.

    Sadly, there will always be dullards whose most considered response to a homeless person is ‘Quick! Hide it!’

  63. Tori says: May 29, 20122:55 pm

    Of all things, I found out about this site through the Advertiser (yes, I’m ashamed of that). But I quite like the photos – we see too many ‘glamour’ shots these days of places that are airbrushed and postcard perfect. Adelaide, like any other city, has a beautiful side and a seedy side, and I think you capture that really well. I study homelessness and am based in the city, so I see a lot of the people sleeping on the street, and I think we need to show that side, to accept that this is a part of our life and something we need to be aware of and do something about, not just to ignore and pretend it doesn’t exist.

    Fantastic work.

  64. Sonya says: May 29, 20123:04 pm

    Thoroughly enjoyed your montage of eclectic photography….you bring real life into perspective! You really show the true reality of adelaide through the camera lens! keep up the brilliant work….It really brought a smile to my face!!!

    Cheers :D

  65. Mel says: May 29, 20123:11 pm

    Stunning :) Thank you.
    I study in the city and ..yes from Monday to Friday… this is what it’s like. People trying to live, make a living, survive another day. The weekends are far more glamorous, two different worlds, two different crowds.

  66. Bill says: May 29, 20123:36 pm

    Nice photos. Depressing but I say it shows the darker side or the depressing side of this town. Politicians and people can rave on and on about how this city is best in the world blah, blah, blah. But we all know there is something truly rotten in the state of Denmark. Our hospitals turning away sick people only to die a short time later, infrastructure that hasn’t kept up with the population, the endless smiles and everything is just dandy attitude of Mike Rann, our aim to improve road safety is more speed cameras…I can go on. But these photos show that there is a problem and that is lack of community support and services when it comes to homelessness, disability and mental health. The areas that this government have failed to improve. Once again, great work.

  67. Ange says: May 29, 20124:51 pm

    In years to come, people will want to see the ordinary. Hundred year old photos of everyday life are fascinating, it’s important to document the ordinary as well as the extraordinary. Love your work

  68. Chris says: May 29, 20124:53 pm

    Mate, there are some really lovely, respectful, creative, skillful and courageous street photos on here. Don’t listen to the haters, who are frankly just embarrassing. In fact, honestly I’d suggest you seriously consider deleting some of the more hate-filled comments, because they change the tone of the site, and distract from the art.

    Keep up the great work though. And if you ever thought of running a class on street photography, drop me an email: I’d be dead keen. :)

  69. Hugh says: May 29, 20125:42 pm

    Great photos! Haters gon hate – keep it up!

  70. Craig says: May 29, 20125:48 pm

    Thank you for this brilliant photographic collection of an Adelaide that most people walk past every day and never stop to notice. I live in the city, so these scenes and the people within them are part of my every day life, and you have captured them beautifully. Well done – I will be returning frequently to see your updates :)

  71. georgia says: May 29, 20126:08 pm

    hi, i agree you should delete some of the awful comments. your photographs are really nice. my favourite photographers are katy grannan and alec soth. i think you would like alec soth (if you are not aware of him already)

  72. Carmel says: May 29, 20126:58 pm

    @Chris, word! Agree with you man. It does change the tone in a big way. Critical analysis and open dialogue is cool and necessary but some comments here seem to lack thoughtfulness/ sophistication.

  73. Paula says: May 29, 20129:27 pm

    I love the photos. They show many different sides to the people and places of Adelaide and I certainly recognise it as the city I live and work in. I like the gritty realism of the photos and I recognise many of the city’s characters in them. They actually make me feel that this is a city full of different people, places and stories – and possibilities, good and bad. Great work, keep it up.

  74. Kelli says: May 30, 20128:24 am

    Well done! I enjoyed these so much.

  75. Amazing photos and true representation of what happens in a city :) says: May 30, 20121:41 pm
  76. rubyrose says: May 31, 20121:52 pm

    I really loved your pictures, they showed the reality of life as street people know it – well done on a beautiful blog, and I’ll be looking at it regularly. I love the concept!

  77. Christina says: May 31, 20122:01 pm

    I LOVE how you capture everyday life, just as it is, this is REAL photography. do you exhibit anywhere?

  78. nev says: May 31, 20127:48 pm

    great work chris.anyone who knocks your photos is afraid of the truth.look forward to more .

  79. Steph says: May 31, 201210:30 pm

    Enough of all of everyone’s hate shit! Adelaide, like every place in the world has homeless people and all the other things shown here. I love how this shows the other side to Adelaide, not all the colourful trees and fluffy kittens. You know what I mean, this is what Adelaide is like. If you hate it, go search fairies on google images, maybe that’ll satisfy you more. I also think its great how you stick up for yourself Dan! You piss off all them dickheads who hate!

  80. Henry says: May 31, 201211:00 pm

    Can’t agree more with Done&Dusted, find out the facts before making comments. I have visited Adelaide many times and find the city has many faces. This makes the city interesting and worth while to live in and explore.
    Every person should be able to express personal views. In a great country like Australia this freedom is allowed. Keep up the good work mate!

    …and then there is criticism and being civil

  81. Cantwell says: June 1, 201212:25 am

    To the idiot(s) who rant about the content, get over yourselves. The world is not flat.

  82. Pat says: June 1, 20121:15 am

    Fantastic photos man, for the people who seem to have a problem with these photos. 1) These photos weren’t taken in Sydney or Melbourne or the Bronx they were taken on the streets of Adelaide therefore they are representing an ASPECT of Adelaide, this site never claimed to represent Adelaide a whole 2) as an artist you choose to focus on a theme or subject mater wich evokes emotion.

  83. Justin says: June 3, 20127:53 pm

    well i think this site is amazing! its not making a mockery! its merely showing what people get up to on a daily bases. ?? whats wrong with that!

  84. dizzy dawn says: June 3, 201211:17 pm

    I just moved to Adelaide and love it.I have lived in Panama City,Amsterdam,London,Brisbane,Scotland and Canberra to name just a few.To the people who state Adelaide as shit city and criticise this guy for his creative outlet should consider the tall poppy syndrome.Art is Art.For what ever reason.I am shocked that people of our generation could be so harsh and critical.
    I can’t help but think that they have no life experience and what they do have, they take way to seriously.A typical critic who will always be a cynic.

  85. Steve says: June 28, 20129:11 pm

    Great pics,some one needs to show it as it is. Keep up the good work.

  86. jt says: August 18, 20125:06 pm

    Adelaide is what it is.
    I don’t think that the Adelaide portraite here is concentrating onthe underbelly and I think it is a fair representation.
    I think that most potential visitors who might come across this site will be sophisticated enogh to know that all cities have a seedy underbelly, have poor – but they also have a middle class, a rich class and a glossy side.

    The people who think that Adelaide is being denigrated by this site, should probably google “street photography”. They will see that street photographers every where portrait their cities in a similar and honest light.

    A lot of these photos are pretty much what I (and any one else who opens their eyes whilst walkingt in Adelaide) see every day.

    I currently commute through the city daily, and prior to that worked in the city for about 12 years.
    There images appear authentic and undoctored to me.

    With regards to legal rights.

    It SA it is legal to take a picture of anything you can see from a public place, or a place you have permission to be.

    As far as I am aware there are two exceptions, they are defence installations, which you are not allowed to photograph without authorisation (Defence Act 1903) and child pornography (South Australian Criminal Consolidation ACT 1935).
    There is no general right to privacy in Australia (according to the High Court of Australia).

    So if you don’t want to be photographed, don’t go out in public. Public means shared. A public place is a shared space, and a photographer has a right to photograph it and any members of the public that share that space, including children – as long as they are not doing so to create pornography.

    On the subject of copyright ownership.
    The artist (i.e. the photographer) owns the copyright. The subject does not own the copyright or have any control over the shot, unless the photographer concedes that control.

    Most people – if they take the time to think about this instead of acting on knee jerk – actually have seen this in operation.
    For example someone coming out of a court trial, can not stop the media filiming or photographing them, all they can do is try and avoid the media (e.g. you a side entrance) or obscure their face (e.g. jacket over head). The same laws that regulate the media’s right to take photos/video regulate everyone else. There are no special laws that allow the media to make imagery in public but prevent the public from doing so.

    To the site owner – good work.
    I was specifically looking to find Adelaide street photography, because I am a budding street shooter myself and was looking to see if any one else was doing anything locally
    I’m really happy to see that someone else IS undertaking a fairly extensive project.


  87. Ally says: September 6, 201211:59 am

    I really enjoyed your photos. I also think that a lot of people don’t appreciate the essence of street photography hence the negative feedback, which seems awfully opinionated and unfounded in some cases. Trolls be trolling I suppose. Good luck with your shooting, I’m looking forward to seeing more!

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